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microwaves by nympha-nora microwaves :iconnympha-nora:nympha-nora 47 10 Super junior Siwon by AeygyoJjang Super junior Siwon :iconaeygyojjang:AeygyoJjang 5 0 Super junior by AeygyoJjang Super junior :iconaeygyojjang:AeygyoJjang 16 2
Movie Villain Medley? (AvengersXHyper!Reader)
You grinned as you found what you were looking for. That demo Monster Tony had given you a few weeks back. You thought Bruce had found it all and destroyed it but it would make sense that Tony would stash some. Luckily he wasn't here so you had the oppertunity of going through his stuff. You picked up the liquid and drank it quickly.
“Milkshakes” You muttered happily.
~11 minutes later to be exact, brought to you by Eleven! Bow ties are cool...I wear a stetson now, stetsons are cool! Fezs are cool! I like the bunk beds! Bunk beds are cool! I could just buy a fez...Geronimo!~
“I started as a nobody and grew up as a freak!” You sang running around the tower. “My dad drank booze my mom smoked pot I had a poor psychic. But now I’m runnin Gothom cause that bat’s delirious! I shoot up all the good guys asking Why so serious?!”
“Um (Y/n)….” Thor said.
“Can’t read my can’t read my no you can’t read my jok
:iconbowtiesarecool15:BowtiesAreCool15 546 186
Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader)
Another Stark (Avengers x Child Reader)
From the moment the Steve Rogers came to live at Stark Tower, he always seemed to have this feeling that he was being watched. It was nagging at the back of his mind, but every time he turned around to possibly catch whoever was following him, it seemed that no one was there.
But one day he knew that it wasn’t just his imagination, after he left the work out room, at first the loud thumping of his heart blocked out noise for a while. Yet after his breathing and heart rate had returned to normal, he could still hear the sound of pitter patter.
Quickly turning around, he saw a small flash of color before it just as quickly vanished from his sight. Taking note of the situation, he quickened his stride a tad before he hid in haste behind a corner.
Just as he planned, the person that had been trailing behind him passed his hiding spot. With a single step forward and the word “Boo,” his little follower turned around with
:icon1pand2promany:1Pand2PRomany 204 15
Gets It From You (Daughter!Reader X Sterek!Dads)
"We're home!" Stiles called as he and Derek entered the house, slipping off his shoes as Derek locked the door. (Name) came out of her room a moment later, yawning tiredly and and waved at her dads. "Hey, where'd you guys go?" She asked curiously. "To that new Godzilla movie." Derek answered, helping Stiles out of his coat and hanging it on the rack on the back of the door, not noticing his daughter's angry face. "What?"
"The Godzilla movie, we went to see it." Stiles repeated with a soft smile.
"Oh, you mean the movie I told you I wanted to see? The movie you guys knew nothing about until I showed you the trailer?" (Name) asked in annoyance. "We didn't know, sweetheart." Stiles said and (Name) growled. "What the hell do you mean you didn't know!? I told you I wanted to see it!"
"(Name), you were sleeping when we left." Derek informed. "So!? You wake me up to go to school, why not wake me up to see a movie that I told you about!" His daughter snapped back. "It's not a big deal, it just
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 231 33
True Fact by Proud2BeANerd True Fact :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 46 5 Mephisto and Amaimon Cosplay by ElisaCosplay Mephisto and Amaimon Cosplay :iconelisacosplay:ElisaCosplay 147 32 Amaimon~ I'll be waiting for you, Mephisto. by JudaiCosplay Amaimon~ I'll be waiting for you, Mephisto. :iconjudaicosplay:JudaiCosplay 80 10 Ao No Exorcist 01 by IvanHuangPhotography Ao No Exorcist 01 :iconivanhuangphotography:IvanHuangPhotography 96 35 Look out for, Cruella De Vil by NipahCos Look out for, Cruella De Vil :iconnipahcos:NipahCos 303 18
Magic (Winchesters x Child!Reader)
Warning(s): None.
Title: Magic
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Child!Reader x Sam Winchester (Family/Friends)
Fandom: Supernatural 
Word Count: 1,134
(This story was based on a prompt I found on Pintrest. I don't own it. )
Dean and Sam were on a case, a simple vampire one. They knew that they would be able to do it easily, since they had done it so many times before. It wasn't something they had to worry about anymore. They were used to it. That was something no one should ever have to get used to, yet the boys did. Someone had to be out there killing the monster. The job fell to them and they accepted the fate. They wanted to do as much as possible so others didn't have to. They didn't want others getting killed. They wouldn't know what to do if they weren't hunting. Try to have a happy family...There was no room in their minds for those thoughts.
You were the closest thing to a family that they would get. You were a t
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 175 9
Family - Supernatural x Reader (Thanksgiving AU)
Thanks for Family - Supernatural X Child! Nephilim! Female or Male! Reader 
“_______! _______! Wake up!" 
“Momma-I mean- Sammy I’m coming!” you screamed back and went to grab your Captain America plush toy. ‘I wonder if they will remember it’s my birthday today?’
"Come on, Birthday girl! We aren't waiting forever. Daddy Dean is going to let you have some of his pie!" You heard a smack with Sam growling, "How come you get to be the dad?"
Your mouth outstretched to squee. "Did Daddy say pie? PIE!?"
Castiel took you from running to the older Winchester to scold, "Dean what have we talked about? Child nephilim must not get copious amounts of sweets. With her power she can cut the power of a whole city block or worse the whole city!"
"Eh, you worry too much Cas. She's not going to go're not going to go crazy right?"
"No, Daddy!" 
The man couldn't help but smile back. "See? Nothin
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 72 19
DeadPool iPhone Adventures by Proud2BeANerd DeadPool iPhone Adventures :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0 Merry Christmas!! by Proud2BeANerd Merry Christmas!! :iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 3 0 Mika and Yuu -We Wish You A Merry Christmas!- by kaori-dash Mika and Yuu -We Wish You A Merry Christmas!- :iconkaori-dash:kaori-dash 1 0



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